Blue Lotus | Sesame Tofu Bites — 15 minutes
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Sesame Tofu Bites — 15 minutes


250g    Blue Lotus Tofu

1 Tbs   Soy Sauce

1 Tbs   Cornflour

1 Tbs   Tbs Sesame Seeds

2 Tbs  Vegetable oil

Cube tofu into bite-sized pieces.  Pat dry with paper towel.

Soak the cubes in the soy sauce.

Place the cornflour and sesame seeds in a plastic bag.

Toss tofu cubes into the bag and shake it until coated.

Fry cubes in pre-heated oil in a pan, over medium heat, turning until all sides are lightly browned.



To spice it up, add pepper in with the cornflour.

Garlic in the soy sauce makes for a more interesting taste.

Cubes may be deep-fried.


The open and firm texture of Blue Lotus tofu makes it ideal for marinating.  Be imaginative with your marinades.  Use curry powder, olive oil and garlic, herbs and spices.

Bake marinated tofu over a low heat in the oven and you get a tasty,  healthful addition to your meal.

Tofu may be boiled or stewed with other ingredients – chicken, red meats, vegetables – resulting in familiar but health-enhanced meals.

Remember, our tofu is already cooked and only needs you to prepare it for the table!